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Top 5 Los Angeles Photo Spots

If you enjoy landscape photography, and also live in L.A. life can feel like a struggle. Los Angeles if often a place we associate with horrible traffic, Hollywood scandals, or surfing. It's definitely not a place that is synonymous with untapped nature. But despite that, there are a few hidden gems that allow myself and other nature lovers to get our fix. So below I've outlined my top 5 Los Angeles Photograph Spots for Nature Lovers.

#5: Grimes Canyon

Located just north of Los Angeles between Moorpark and Fillmore is a little pass known as Grimes Canyon. While this isn't the most expansive canyon around, there is a small sandy turn off, and a quick climb that lends spectacular views of the canyon below. Go during sunset or long after dark for the best photos.

This is one of the few places in Los Angeles that has little light pollution (by LA standards), so under the right conditions you can catch a glimpse of the milky way.

#4: Sandstone Peak, Malibu Canyon

Point Mugu State Park is an expansive outdoor space with tons of beaches and hiking. Nestled in the Malibu Hills is a hiking area called the backbone trail that leads to Standstone Peak. On this 5.6 mile loop you'll see panoramic ocean views as well as fantastic rock formations. At 3000ft sunsets from the top can be pretty spectacular, but be careful as fog can roll in very quickly and make the walk down challenging.

#3: Malibu Creek State Park

Between Upper Las Virgenes open space and the beach in the Santa Monica Mountains is a little paradise of rolling hills called Malibu Creek State Park. Here you'll find rolling hills, ample hiking and of course, a creek. Even when the rest of LA was in a drought, water could still be found here. Recently the fires have devastated this area, but that has given way to a wildflower superbloom.

#2: Vasquez Rocks Natural Area

Coming in at #2 on the list is Vasquez Rocks Natural Area. Vasquez rocks is one of those places in Los Angeles that I only recently discovered, yet everyone seems to know about. Located about an hour north of LA, these serrated rocks are scars left behind from movement along the San Andrea's Fault. Its out of this world appearance has made it a popular spot among Hollywood, starring in shows such as Star Trek to Westworld.

A trip here at sunset is hardly

#1: El Matador Beach

El Matador Beach is one of those spots I go back to time and time again. More akin to beaches in Northern California or Oregon, the jagged rock formations make this one of the most unique beaches in Southern California. Go during low tide for the most angles but be ready for people.